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About Us


About Us

It’s not just a baby shower or a bridal shower for us. It’s more than that.

Baby Showers and Bridal Showers mark the beginning of a significant life change, a time to offer a much needed outpouring of love and support before the celebrant enters a new phase of life. Because of that, we know that when done correctly, baby and bridal showers can be more than just ‘a bit of fun’, so they require the perfect balance of fuss-free fun, sentimentality and a specific combination of specialised entertainment, styled decoration and careful planning to ensure they are relaxed, memorable and enjoyable and as personal as the people they celebrate. 

But great baby and bridal showers don’t just happen, that’s why we created our own scientific approach to baby showers based on trends, personality science and years of experience – a recipe for the perfect shower, and thousands of women, couples, children and their families have been enjoying them ever since! 

But don’t just take our word for it, add Before Baby and Bride to your event and see for yourself how we can take your party to the next level and ensure you have a celebration that you and your guests will cherish. We guarantee it will be the party you never thought you needed, but you will definitely never, ever forget.


Provide well-being, security
and happiness for babies

Special touches, special memories

Convenience and simplicity are not at odds, we do not compromise on the elements that make your party perfect and ultimately most memorable. You’ll find we offer a huge selection of ways to add small details to personalise your event and impress your guests!

Uniquely different

We believe that life-changing events deserve always require celebrations that have a  personalised approach in order to deliver experiences that are as unique as the celebrant and their guests in  all aspects including style, budget, and entertainment.

Fashionable and sustainable

We are committed to ensuring that our events make use of the latest approaches in design and sustainability, so you can be confident that you have an on-trend party solution that protects the world for your future generations.
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